Functions / Services

General Maintenance of Streets

The Street Department regularly maintains the surface of the streets. Pot holes are patched and cracks sealed, as well as repairing the berm edge of the street.

Sign Maintenance

The Street Department maintains the traffic signs along City owned streets. Signs damaged by accidents or age are replaced as needed.

Limb, Tree and Dead Animal Removal

The Street Department will remove fallen limbs and tree debris located in the street right-of-way the last full week of every month. The Street Department will also remove dead animals located in the right-of-way.

Snow Removal and Snow Emergency

The Street Department is primarily in charge of snow removal within the Kendallville City Limits. To ensure a safe flow of traffic and to aid the Street Department with its snow removal efforts, the Mayor may need to declare a snow emergency. During a snow emergency, special restrictions may be enacted. The snow emergency and any special instructions will be announced through local television, radio or news services during and after the snowfall.

Leaf Removal

The Street Department removes leaves that are raked into piles in the street right-of-way. No leaf bags will be picked up.

General Information
Phone Numbers
(260) 347-2252
Emergencies: Dial 911
720 Weston Avenue

Monday - Friday
7:30 AM to 4:00 PM