Functions / Services

  • Responsible for all City funds.
  • Responsible for maintaining all City records.
  • Attend and record the minutes of the Common Council and Board of Public Works.
  • Prepare/file legal notices, budgets, ordinances and resolutions.
  • Prepare City and utility financial statements.
  • Responsible for City payroll and benefits.
  • Pay all City taxes such as: payroll taxes, sales taxes and gross income taxes, etc.
  • Administer and maintain all Federal and State requirements for all grants received by the City.
  • Responsible for all revenues collected by the City and the utilities.
  • Responsible for all expenditures for the City and utilities.
  • Maintain/coordinate all computer technology needed to perform duties.
  • Responsible for annual audits by the State Board of Accounts.
  • Responsible for utility billings, city invoicing, processing and verifying City purchases.
  • Maintain fixed asset records for the City.
General Information
234 South Main Street

Monday - Friday
7:30 AM to 4:00 PM